Final Film

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Evaluation Question 1

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Evaluation question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

In my film opening the audience is introduced to a mysterious masked character who you see in the opening of the film. The Character is wearing a mask over his head that gives the audience a sense of mystery to who the character is, furthermore why he is masked in the first place. You can clearly see he is confused and unaware of his surroundings due to him looking around in panic and the editing I have used where the farm moves out of place in a blurry fashion and an orange tint to it, this conforms to other films that have used the same editing technique such as “The Bourne Ultimatum” where the character is in extreme pain and has no control over what is going on. This editing technique allows the audience to relate to what is going on and understand how the character is feeling.

The definition of a thriller is a genre that revolves around anticipation and suspense, the aim for thriller movies is to keep the audience alert and on edge of their seats. The protagonist in these films is set against a problem, an escape, a mission, or a mystery. In my introduction begins with a hostage scene, this is unusual in most thrillers as normally you are introduced to the character lifestyle, family, etc. For example, a film I use often to compare to my own is ‘The Purge’, during this film you are introduced to the family that will later will play the victims of a murder. My Film challenges forms of real media products as the introduction starts with a hostage scene between two male protagonists. I am careful to not give away too much of why this incident has occurred as that would give away the plot of the story and that would be unrealistic, but instead I used small amounts of dialogue to give the audience a small idea as to why my masked man is being held hostage.

I then went on to use general concepts of the thriller genre through the use of props and costumes. In order to make my film more intense I added certain props that would add an element of danger, such as the base ball bat which is a common prop that is used in many different thriller films, this prop is shown to tell the audience that my character holding the bat means to threaten or to inflict harm upon the other character. Through the use of costumes, I have the kidnapper wearing a suit as this gives the audience and idea that this is not a random event and is most likely a mobster or a hit man or some description. With my hostage I barely show what he is actually wearing as he does not have a top on, this is because it makes him look weaker as he has been stripped of his clothes in his own house.

My hostage not wearing any clothes on his upper body conforms to real media products as many films have their hostages beaten up and in much pain, them not having any clothes on their upper body represents that they have been stripped of their identity and dignity

Lockout Title Analysis

I analysed the title sequence for this film as i wanted to see where the titles should go and at what appropriate time they should appear.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.03.15.png

As this film is set in the future they use very interesting text as they will try and make it look very space aged, they also use a digital sound whenever a new title appears this gives off the influence of techknowledgey in an advance civilisation.


Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 19.10.39.png

The titles tend to appear whenever this main character gets hit in the face and when his face goes out of shit the title appears, it appears very suddenly right after the punch which is effective as the title has the same dramatic impact as the punch does.

There is no music in the background however there are a variety of sound effects such as punches and even an echo that is put over the top of the voices to make it sound like then are in a closed room. There is also a sound effect at the start of the scene where is going from the bottom of the chair the the back of one of the characters head that has a very intense feel to it.